Machinery and Components for the Textile Industry

  • Fire prevention and metal detection in spinning preparation and air filtration
  • Fiber opening and preparation and yarn formation equipment
  • Auxiliaries, ware parts and specialty components for staple fiber yarn formation
  • Filament and staple fiber production equipment as well as texturizing machines
  • Auxiliaries, ware parts and specialty components for filament production
  • Twisting machines and specialty yarn make up machines
  • Narrow fabric production and finishing equipment
  • Weaving preparatory machines
  • Drawing-in, knotting and anciallary weaving department machines
  • Weaving machines for flat, terry, leno and technical fabrics
  • Shedforming machines
  • Weaving auxilliaries and wear and tear parts
  • Cicular and flatbed knitting machines
  • Warpknitting and raschel machines
  • Yarn, piece and continuous dyeing equipment
  • Piece and continuous finishing equipment
  • Dry finishing machines
  • Hotmelt equipment
  • Coating and laminating machinery
  • Rotary, flatbed and digital printing equipment
  • Inspection, packaging and other ancillary machines
  • Equipment for production of nonwovens fabrics (turnkey and single units)
  • Machinery for production of composite materials
  • CAD/Cam and design software

Rawmaterials, Auxilliares and Intermediary Products for the Textile Industry

  • Staple fibers yarns
  • Specialty and fancy yarns
  • Spinn finishes and additives
  • Textile Auxilliaries
  • Dyestuffs
  • Pigments
  • Specialty chemicals for technical applications
  • Specialty and functional chemicals for the garment industry

Machinery and Components for Plastic Recycling and Compound and Masterbatch Production

  • Washing and shredding machines
  • Polymer and color sorting and separation machines
  • Recycling/Repelletizing equipment
  • Corotating twinscrew extruders
  • Dosing equipment for granules, powders and liquids – gravimetric and volumetric
  • Conveying systems for granules and powders
  • Loading and unloading stations
  • Pelletizers and cooling baths
  • Wear and tear parts

Sepcialty Machines for the Paper, Food , Pharma and Plastics Industry

  • Dosing equipment
  • Conveying equipment
  • Vibrating sieves for powders and liquids
  • Pelletizing equipment
  • Dryers and aquajet machines

Process and (Re-)Location Consulting

  • Process consulting
  • Facilitating of strategic alliances
  • Relocation consulting and location selection consulting



Founded at the end of the 19th century be otto kuehnen, who originatined from the Nieder Rhein region, its immediate purpose was to represent and market predominantly textile machinery of English origin in the then existing Austro-Hungarian monarchy as an agency. Aside from textile machinery the young company also marketed sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers under the AUDACES (Latin for the German “Die Kühnen” alluding to the family name) brand.


Refocusing under altered political conditions. To handle business activities in the most active market, the Czechoslovak Republic, a branch office was opened in the early 19 30ies in Brno. Around that time the reigns of the company were handed over to Dr. Ing Alois Kühnen., the second generation.
At about that time the company also patented the first cots made of synthetic oil free rubber and started to market them under the OTALO brand. Some years later also aprons of the same material were introduced.


Once again a refocusing and reorganisation was need after WWII. The geographical coverage was step by step extended to include all of Yugoslavia and Poland. Starting in 1970 Heinz Kuehnen took over as CEO, the third generation.


Once the first noticeable tendencies towards decentralization in the former communist countries became apparent, the otto kuehnen company followed suit by founding its first branch office in Prague and a little while later the next one in Warsaw which shortly thereafter was moved to Lodz for practical reasons. The Budapest office was opened in 1994.


The start of the new millennium had seen a steep decline in the volume of the traditional textile industry in central and east-central Europe. Once more adaptation was the keyword of the day. At about that time the fourth generation entered the company in the person of Stefan Kuehnen.

Efforts were made to enlarge the scope of the offering with additions in recycling technology and technical textiles and also a continuation of the decentralization strategy by founding yet another branch office in Kranj, Slovenia.

Together with a local collaborator the Bulgarian market was added to the scope of the business. Currently a further eastward expansion and possible other additions of territory are under review.

Finally efforts in the Magreb were intensified, especially in Algeria. Our local partner is of substantial help to ensure prime services for customers and vendors alike.


otto kühnen wien

1090 Wien/Vienna
Liechtensteinstraße 63
tel.: +43 1 31356-0
fax: +43 1 31356-60

Head of operations
Stefan Kühnen
+43 699 1 3135618

ass. head of operations

Dkfm Heinz Kühnen
+43 699 1 3135612

sales austria
Gerald Hasslacher
+43 699 1 3135619

Marketa Györi

backoffice, textile chemistry
Sabine Scheck

Otalo-products, backoffice
Martin Ranzijn

Dr. Hannelore Kühnen
+43 699 1 3135615

technique and technology textile auxiliaries and dyes
Jürgen Ilmer
+43 699 1 3135617

otto kühnen łódż

PL-91 464 Lodz
ul. Wspolna 1a lok. 63
tel.: +48 42 2261456

head of operations
sales and key accounts
DI Dariusz Kik
mobil: +48 601 221055

sales yarn formation, non wovens
Ewa Pluta

sales yarn formation, weaving
Mag. Wojciech Czechowski
mobil: +48 601 166770

sales textile auxiliary agents, pigments, dyes
DI Pawel Kukula
mobil: +48 693 370909

textile auxiliary agents, pigments, dyes
DI Bogda Kik

otto kühnen praha

CZ-25001 Brandys n.L./Stara Boleslav
Boleslavska 31
tel.: +420 326 396080
fax: +420 326 396165

head of operations
sales and key accounts
Evelyn Bílová
mobil: +420 602 661996

sales coordination key accounts
Adolf Irsa
mobil: +420 602 333440

Zdenka Štepařová
mobil: +420 724 925282

sales plastics industry
DI Peter Bayer
mobil: +420 602 410928

sales textile industry
DI Petr Tomeš
mobil: +420 602 123498

sales textile auxiliary agents, pigments, dyes
Jaroslav Čermák
mobil: +420 602 430187

otto kühnen budapest

H-2030 Érd
Nárcisz u. 21
tel.: +36 309 772729
fax: +43 1 31356-60

sales Hungary
Dr. Gabor Való
mobil: +36 3097 72729

otto kühnen kranj

Vrbnje 16
SI-4240 Radovljica
tel.: +386 4 2351648
fax: +386 4 2351649

Sales Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, BiH
DI Niko Mihelič
mobil: +386 40 294550

sales textile auxiliary agents, pigments, dyes
Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, BiH

Jaka Jemc
mobil: +386 416 40426

otto kühnen paraćin

Teslina bb
SRB-35250 Paračin
tel.: +381 35 281 584
fax: +381 35 281 584

sales Serbia, Montenegro, BiH
DI Zoran Spasić
Mobil: +381 65 83 10 729

sales textile auxiliary agents, pigments, dyes
Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, BiH

Jaka Jemc
mobil: +386 416 40426

otto kühnen štip

Kiro Hađi Arsov 3
MK-2000 Štip
tel.: +389 32 394276
fax: +389 32 397 210

sales Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania
DI Stojče Paparov
mobil: +389 70264210

sales textile auxiliary agents, pigments, dyes
Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, BiH

Jaka Jemc
mobil: +386 416 40426

otto kühnen karlovo

Graf Ignatiev Str.N 10A
BG-4300 Karlovo

sales textile auxiliary agents, pigments, dyes
Yonka Maneva
mobil: +359 888 304798

otto kühnen algier

Ventes Algérie

Heinz Kühnen
+43 699 1 3135612
Plus de détails prochainement!


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Liechtensteinstraße 63
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fax: +43 1 31356-60
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